Whatever You Do, Work At It With All Your Heart : PlayyOn Star, Derrick Pringle, DAP Hoops Basketball

by Coach Reiss
September 1st, 2020

Derrick knows from his own life that “you’ve got to work hard and you’ve got to have discipline….  you need a positive attitude and show a positive influence on the floor.  And if you don’t you won’t make it in the real world either.”  Derrick is not just teaching kids about basketball, he is teaching life skills.


Derrick Pringle has a well established and popular basketball program in Washington state called DAP Hoops. www.playyon.com/daphoops/ . He has mentored many young men and women who have gone on to become good people in their community, many giving back to the game of basketball as they get older as coaches themselves.

Derrick first got involved back in West Virginia when he connected with the YMCA and its two staff members Lane Acord adn James Lewis who were running a Kindergarten through 7th grade basketball program.  From that program, they would pick the best players and have them travel as an AAU team.  James and Lane helped Derrick become a coach.  When Derrick and his family moved to Washington state, his son wanted to continue his basketball experience, but there was no team around to join.   So Derrick got some other parents together and they put together their own program – DAP Hoops.

Twenty years later, DAP Hoops has a solid program for all levels.  Beginners through advanced, they train, provide competition and mentor basketball players.  Around 600 kids have come through his program.   Key to their mission is to help the kids follow their dreams no matter what their age or their ability.

Basketball has changed the lives of many kids that came through DAP Hoops.  During the time he was coaching a girls team, he encountered a young woman, Rachel, who was a little rough on the edges.  They locked horns at first but then were able to find common ground around respect and basketball.  In the end, she excelled and had a passion for doing the right thing.

From the boys program, he remembers a second grade boy who came to him as a beginner and grew through the program.   He was a solid high school basketball player and a true teacher of the game.  Now, that young man has come back to give back to kids as a summer coach.

Basketball has connect Derrick with many kids, especially his own son who has gone on to be a head coach at the college level.

Derrick was raised by his Grandma who passed away early and he was left on his own to grow up.  Lucky for him he had mentors in his life who kept him out of trouble and focused on a future.   He is so grateful to be able to provide a program that gives kids the opportunity to gain skills, confidence and an influence that makes them think about their future.

Derrick was highly influenced by his track coach, James Pryor, who convinced him to play football.  His track coach not only helped them be great athletes, he also made sure their grades were good.  It was his coach that made a big effort to get Derrick get into college and helped him enter the military.  Derrick’s football coach, Thomas “Mule” Johnson, also played an important player in his life.  He helped Derrick be a resilient and determined player.

I learned about PlayyOn at a coaches clinic up in Seattle, Washington.   It has been one of biggest blessings to our program.  I am not really a technology guy, but PlayyOn makes it easy to operate. They have an easy way to communicate with my players and parents…. and the best thing is they are continuing to add new stuff. And the company is so helpful.

His favorite quote for his athletes comes from the Bible:

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart. Not for man, but for the Lord.” 

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Derrick is grateful to the Lord for letting him learn and teach basketball.

It is coaches like Derrick Pringle who make such a massively positive impact on the kids in our community that we are so grateful for.  He has helped so many and we are happy to for others to learn about Derrick Pringle and his journey.

Check out Derrick’s current program offerings: www.playyon.com/daphoops/ . Special shout out to the two young ladies in the picture with me: Gracie Schofield and Makayla Chavez.

Interview conducted by Rob Thompson, founder of Sportsbiz Radio and GamePlanU.

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