Five Do’s and Don’ts for A Successful Sports Registration Experience

by Coach Reiss
May 16th, 2023

Are you looking to set up a sports registration platform? Whether you are organizing a small sports event or managing a large camp, a successful registration process is crucial for both participants and organizers. In this blog post, we’ll outline the top five things you should do to ensure a successful and organized registration process. We will also note the things you should NOT do.

DO: Define Your Registration Requirements

The first step in setting up a successful sports registration process is to define your registration requirements. This includes determining what information you need from participants, such as their name, age, contact information, and any medical conditions. You should also decide on registration fees, deadlines, and any required forms or waivers. You will need this information as you customize your registration form.

DO: Choose a Registration Platform

Once you have defined your registration requirements, the next step is to choose a registration platform. We suggest which has an online registration feature that makes it easy to replace paper-based registration systems. When choosing a platform, consider the needs of your participants and the resources available to you as an organizer. We like PlayyOn because it is so easy to use and you don’t need to be super tech savvy.

DO: Promote Your Registration

Once you have created a program landing page with an integrated registration form and payment option, the next step is to promote your registration. You can use the URL link provided by PlayyOn to advertise your registration through various channels, such as social media, email marketing, flyers, or local news outlets. Provide clear instructions on how to register, and include deadlines, fees, and any required forms. The more visibility you give your registration process, the more successful it will be.

DO: Simplify the Registration Process

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free registration process, make it as simple and streamlined as possible. You can count on that with’s registration platform as it is easy to use and mobile-friendly. And PlayyOn’s customer support team is on standby to help you and your participants with any questions. By simplifying the process, you can increase participation rates and reduce the risk of errors or confusion.

DO: Plan and Prepare for the Event

Finally, use the information collected during registration via to plan and organize the event. also has a streamlined communication feature that will let the organizers communicate with participants regarding event details, schedules, and any last-minute changes. By over-communication in advance, you can ensure a successful and enjoyable event for all participants.

Now, what NOT to do. When setting up a sports registration, there are several things you should avoid doing to ensure a smooth and successful process:

DON’T: assume participants know what to do

Make sure the registration process is clear and easy to understand. Provide detailed instructions and guidance, and be available to answer any questions or concerns.

DON’T: Overcomplicate the registration and don’t neglect to provide important information

Keep the registration process simple and streamlined. Avoid asking for unnecessary information. However, proactively ensure that all necessary information is provided, such as registration fees, deadlines, required forms, and any waivers. Failure to provide important information can lead to confusion and frustration for participants.

DON’T: forget to collect payments and important information

Collect all necessary information and payments from participants. Keep track of all transactions, send receipts, and follow up with any participants who have outstanding balances. We always suggest collecting payment at the time of registration, utilizing digital payments so that you aren’t spending your time chasing down ‘lost checks or cash”.

DON’T forget to market the opportunity

Once you have set up the program’s landing page with all important information and in the integrated registration process, use social media and/or emails to notify the opportunity. 

DON’T be unresponsive to participants

Be available to answer questions and concerns, and respond to inquiries in a timely manner. Failure to communicate effectively with participants can lead to frustration and a negative experience.

By following these five “Do’s and Don’ts” you can set up a successful sports registration process that meets the needs of both participants and organizers. By defining your registration requirements, choosing a registration platform, promoting your registration, simplifying the process, and planning and preparing for the event, you can ensure a smooth and hassle-free registration process that sets your sports event up for success.

Ready to set up a successful sport registration?  Take your sport program to the next level –!

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