Stamp Out COVID. Let Kids Play

by Coach Reiss
August 22nd, 2020

When your son goes from 6 days a week of active sport participation to laying in bed for most of everyday, your heart just wants to break.  It is obvious that he is depressed not just because the world seems to have gone to heck in a handbasket because of the pandemic, but he deeply misses his community that he built up in and around sports.

He knows that if he just gets up and gets active he will feel better…. And he does…. But his love for the game comes from an energy that grows from having a common experience with others. 

Education isn’t just about mastering your arithmatic or writing but also about experiencing the social dynamics of a group that is sharing a common experience.  In sports, it’s the same thing.  A group of people come together to learn and challenge themselves…. And through that, a bond is formed with teammates that teaches how to compete, recover from failure and succeed individually and collectively.

We need to get this COVID pandemic behind us so kids can get back to sports and recreation activities.  Let’s all work together to make this happen as best we can. 

Four simple things we can all do to stamp out this virus:

  1.  Frequently wash hands;
  2.  Stay 6 feet apart from one another in public places;
  3.  Cover your nose and mouth with a scarf, buff or mask to keep from sharing air in public places;
  4.  If you don’t feel well, be good to yourself and others and stay at home.  When you are sick, being in bed is the right place.

Lets stamp out this virus and get back to kids playing sports.

Be safe. Be Kind. PlayyOn!

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