Starting Up Again: Sports Management Plan To Help Bring Back Sports

by Coach Reiss
October 15th, 2020

For the organizer, there are 5 steps to take to create a good faith effort in reducing the spread of COVID.

  1. Provide a ‘check-in’ procedure that includes :
  2. Set up your programs that allow for 6 feet of distance. Focus on individual fitness and training and/or small cohort groups that practice together exclusively;
  3. Set an example for your players by wearing a mask when instructing;
  4. Ensure that your players bring their own water (no water fountains) and possibly equipment;
  5. Disinfect all touchable areas and equipment at least once per practice.

The CDC provides tips to protect players.  Consider send this video to all your players, parents, fans, officials and family.

Copy and paste this URL  into a community-wide communications you can send through the PlayyOn dashboard under your ‘people’ database.




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