PlayyOn Makes It Easy to Order Custom Apparel and Swag

by Coach Reiss
November 21st, 2022

PlayyOn expands services, makes custom gear readily available for sport and recreation communities through partnership with SquadLocker


In the sport and recreation world, selling custom apparel and swag is a great method of promoting your brand or fundraising. But sometimes it can be a hassle for coaches, instructors, directors and program managers. Getting sizes wrong, collecting payments and managing returns can lead to financial losses instead of gains.

In the spirit of making things simple and easy for everyone, PlayyOn has expanded its functionality by partnering with Squadlocker to streamline and de-risk the process of setting up an online store.

At PlayyOn we’re always looking to make it easier for sport and recreation organizers to manage communication, collect payments, and organize events. Now we’re making it easier to set up custom apparel and swag for your program and brand. Together PlayyOn and Squadlocker enable you with order-taking, customization and shipping, making fulfillment hassle-free.

By making communication and payments easy for both sport organizers and participants, PlayyOn has become the premier community-building platform. SquadLocker is the leading custom apparel and gear software and fulfillment company transforming how sports organizations, schools, and businesses develop and distribute custom goods. This is a natural partnership for both companies.

With this partnership, sport and recreation organizers, participants, and fans can order uniforms, spirit wear, and swag through ‘PlayyOn Gear Stores’ powered by SquadLocker.

Interested in getting your program set up for custom gear? Whether you are organizing for a recreational program or you are an elite professional athlete, a PlayyOn customized gear store powered by Squadlocker will be a huge benefit.  Fill out our form below and we’ll handle the rest to get you set up.

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