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Virtual Coaching Platform: PlayyOn Train

PlayyOn’s Virtual Coaching Platform: Train Anywhere, Anytime!

Merge in-person and virtual coaching through the new PlayyOn Train app so you can create more efficient and effective training sessions and heighten athlete engagement. PlayyOn has partnered with MaxOne, the leading virtual coaching technology provider,  to offer a virtual coaching platform called “PlayyOn Train”.  The platform provides a management dashboard to organize and manage workouts and training programs. As a result, coaches can easily deliver, engage and monitor virtual training, and athletes can continue their training, anywhere, anytime.

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PlayyOn Train’s innovative solution empowers organizations to become involved in an athlete’s day-to-day life. This is done by delivering custom-built workout programs, results and progress tracking, and nutrition and educational advice, to a person’s mobile device, allowing training to continue even when you can’t be there in person. The PlayyOn Train app increases team unity and motivation with program-wide leaderboards, and drill and workout histories to benchmark and measure improvements. 

Todd Grant, from MaxOne, joined Scott Garber of PlayyOn on The PlayyOn Nation Show to discuss coaches and organizers can think about the new normal of merged in-person and virtual coaching in sports training.

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The webinar covered: 
  • The state of “in-person” and “virtual” coaching in youth sports
  • How top programs are combining in-person and virtual coaching
  • Introduction to virtual coaching platforms, PlayyOn Train, and practical use cases

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PlayyOn Train was created to serve the sports  and recreation community through a partnership between MaxOne and PlayyOn.


“A partnership with PlayyOn aligns with MaxOne’s mission to deliver elite training experiences to every athlete in every sport,” stated MaxOne CRO Todd Grant. “Thousands of coaches in the PlayyOn community will now be able to support athletes with customized coaching and programming enhancing and supplement in-person practice and training.” 

Both companies are dedicated to enriching and expanding the sports experience by providing training technology for virtual programming, coaching, drills, and engagement. 

“We are excited to partner with MaxOne to provide virtual coaching tools within PlayyOn’s own Virtual Coaching mobile app, PlayyOn Train, powered by MaxOne’s virtual coaching technology,” said Sally Ann Reiss, CEO at PlayyOn. “Training in person can now be complemented by training virtually.  No longer does learning only have to happen in a gym, field or classroom.  PlayyOn Train allows you to timeshift your world so you can train anywhere, anytime.”

Who We Are

PlayyOn is an online platform for managing amateur sports and recreation.  PlayyOn provides a suite of online solutions for millions of organized events and programs all over the world. It includes a free-to-use platform for collecting online registrations, publishing schedules and centralizing communications.  The software supports the management needs of coaches and participants alike, and is used by a variety of activities, including basketball, baseball, football, soccer, cheer, chess, robotics, sailing and more.  PlayyOn is the online ecosystem of grassroots sports and recreation.

MaxOne is a software company that provides a unique Virtual Coaching Platform (‘VCP’). MaxOne empowers organizations, coaches, and athletes by providing a digital solution to train, connect and grow together, anywhere. With an increasing list of demands, directors and coaches need to be smarter in the development of their training programs and in the use of their time and resources. MaxOne’s VCP features cutting edge training tools, creating the most sophisticated and engaging on-demand digital training experience available.


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