Customizable Spirit Gear Creates Pride, Connection & Awareness for Your Sport and Recreational Activities

Coach Reiss
by Coach Reiss
December 22nd, 2020

Offering spirit gear is a great way to build enthusiasm and connection with participants in your program. But what is spirit gear? Spirit gear is customized items–usually clothing–that incorporate your program’s name, logo and possibly an important tagline in it to help build a sense of unity, pride and awareness.

Spirit gear designs are also a low-risk fundraising option for the program through the use of an online spirit gear store. Up to 2% is donated back to your program that can help support a good cause.

Ride the wave of enthusiasm of returning back to sports and recreation in a post-COVID environment by kicking it off with a spirit gear campaign. Creating a unique new t-shirt design to make the new year special for everyone and raise awareness of the program at the same time.

This short video shows you how to get started as an organizer of the program.

PlayyOn’s new GEAR store allows you to create branded apparel and gear online, encouraging pride, camaraderie and community.

PlayyOn has partnered with MyLocker, the #1 leading source for custom clothing, gear and accessories. In seconds, you can have your very own sportswear. All the spiritwear comes in a variety of sizes for men, women, and kids, so everyone is guaranteed to find something!

You will only find high quality products from leading brands, such as Nike, Adidas, Gildan, and more. Browse the selection of 100% customizable tee shirts, knit polo shirts, cinch backpacks, zip-up hoodies, fashionable tote bags, fleece blankets, baseball caps, duffel bags, sweatpants, windbreakers, and mesh sport jerseys, all made by top manufacturers.  Every order is triple checked to ensure the highest quality. Bulk pricing options on orders of 6 or more.

So give it a go!  It’s easy to set up and we are always here to assist.

Be safe. Be kind. PlayyOn.

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